"I have followed your career, knowing you initially as a clinician, then as an administrator and finally as a management consultant. Your management and interpersonal skills and your understanding of organizational dynamics are an asset in helping managers function at a higher level. I appreciate all the times you have mentored me."

Julio Gerena
Facility Director, Re--Entry

"The grant was well conceived and well written and for this I congratulate you."

Luis M. Estevez, MD, MPH
Director of Medical Affairs
Morrisania Diagnostic and Treatment Center
New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation

"Your training style was rated highly and the curriculum was clearly written and laid-out well organizationally"

Shelley B. Dixon
Center for Workforce Advancement
Empire State College

"Martha, you show remarkable ability to assist people with individual problems and crisis situations."

Mariano Alemany, Ph.D
Emeritus Professor
Carlos Albizu University

"I received very positive feedback to the organizational assessments you conducted. Your recommendations were practical as was your support in coaching program administrators to effectively implement change. Your written documents are useful on an ongoing basis."

Isora Bosch, Ed.D
Director, Stress Management Program
Union Settlement Association

"I write to thank you for the organizational assessment you made of MTS and for the insightful action plan which you wrote following the assessment."

Barbara Small
Executive Director

"The stress management workshops you conducted, the sessions on boundary issues, and the meetings you facilitated helped identify which support services would be most beneficial to our staff in order to reduce stress, prevent burnout and ultimately serve our clients in the best way possible."

David Ferguson
Assistant Director
JBFCS Day Program

"We appreciate your creativity, your understanding of consumer and agency needs and your superb writing skills. As a result of the proposals you wrote for us, we were awarded contracts and funding to expand our services. The trainer curriculums you developed for our Project Liberty program enabled our staff to provide services to a wide array of clients off site in the community."

James T. McQuade, Ph.D
Executive Director
Mental Health Providers of Western Queens

"We appreciate your commitment to addressing the stresses confronting health care providers working with persons with AIDS."

Claudia Koblenz-Sulcov, Ph.D
Director of Psychology
Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center

"Thanks so much for the training. I have heard nothing but glowing reviews."

Renee Mease
Director of Early Childhood Education
Broadway Housing Communities

"I would like to extend our gratitude to you for the fabulous workshop you gave."

Brenda Awe
Project Director
Builders for Family and Youth, Catholic Charities

"Thank you, Martha, for your wonderful collaboration in developing creative and effective treatment interventions for our challenging dyadic pairs. Your understanding, insight and compassion concerning early child development and mother-child interaction has been an invaluable asset."

Erica Willheim, Ph.D.
Family Therapist
Palladia (formerly Project Return)

"Thank you so much for your insight, honesty and assessment of our organization and Board oversight during our time of crisis."

Bertha Mathews
Chair, Board of Directors
Union County Community Action Organization

"Thank you so much for working with me again. Your wide range of expertise is valuable, as well as your ability to articulate the issues."

Rita Stone
Program Specialist
Administration for Children and Families

"Your work was incredibly thorough and provided us with important insight and information when documenting the changes in the provision of child welfare services."

Gail B. Nayowith
Executive Director
Citizen's Committee for Children

"Your technical assistance was helpful and invaluable."

Karen People
Director, Pre-School Head Start Program
Union Township Board of Education

"This was a timely and well conceived program and your presentation was exceptionally well organized and effective."

Bertram John, Ph.D
Director, Staff Development
Substance Abuse Treatment Systems
St. Mary's Hospital of Brooklyn


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