An Important Decision: Who Do I Hire or Promote to Manager?

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In a previous newsletter, we provided tips for individuals to consider when deciding whether or not to accept a management position for the first time. But how does an organization decide who to offer the position, particularly if giving a "non-manager" an opportunity for advancement?

Management can be thought of as getting the work done through other people. If we begin with this premise, then no matter what the field, we can ask some basic questions of ourselves that will help us choose a potentially successful candidate (see examples at the end of this article).

Once these points are addressed, it is far easier to have a picture of the type of individual who will work best in the position. A job description alone will not suffice. Of course, experience, education and knowledge need to be considered. But also, of utmost importance are the points listed at the end of this article.

Interviews should be conversational. Questions should initially be broad and open ended and based on the responses, become more specific. Discussion should yield information relevant to your answers to the following points.

Deciding who to hire for a management position?: Tips for Consideration:

  • How much technical knowledge of the field/work is necessary to facilitate getting the work done?

  • What organizational skills are needed?

  • What communication skills are needed?

  • What level of expertise in writing, if any, is needed?

  • How important are deadlines?

  • Does this work require a detail oriented manager?

  • Is this a multi tasking position?

  • How many individuals will be responsible to this position?

  • What kind of interpersonal approach works best with the staff?

  • Does this position interface with outside resources?

  • What are the minimum requirements for the position?

  • Are there any additional skills that have been identified as preferred, although not required?

  • What are the key challenges of this position?

  • What kind of training or coaching will this applicant need to carry out his/her responsibilities?

Remember: It is important for organizations to offer training to both new and seasoned managers.


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